“10 Truths…” and “The Declaration…”

10 Truths about the Electronic World

  1. The Electronic World is an alternative reality in relation to the physical world.
  2. The Electronic World is a human world, capable of accommodating human dimensions: emotions, feelings, and spiritual values.
  3. The Electronic World is a reality accepting the transfer of all kinds of human life activity, it is a source of self-creation and autonomous creation, personal investigation and expression.
  4. The Electronic World is a source of new possibilities, different from those existing in the physical world.
  5. The Electronic World can provide the area and objectives of existential choices and human decisions concerning the reality in which persons want to experience their lives.
  6. The Electronic World is immaterial and develops a space different from physical world.
  7. The Electronic World expands its capacities in line with technological advances.
  8. The Electronic World develops faster than the physical world, influencing the evolution of human being.
  9. The Electronic World is not a simulation and there is no space for simulation in it.
  10. The Electronic World is reality, the game occurs in the physical world.

Sidey Myoo

Declaration of morality for a human in the Electronic World

  1. Your electronic identity contains your conscience.
  2. When you enter the electronic world, you are entering a world where real, objective, moral values exist.
  3. Once you assume your Net Name, you acquire a freedom impossible in the physical world and become responsible for the morality of your electronic
  4. The other electronic identities coexisting with you are real people.
  5. Your actions in the electronic world will involve real consequences, sometimes stretching further than in the physical world.
  6. When you do wrong in the electronic world, you hurt the other human emotionally, not physically.
  7. An electronic identity can change a human in the physical world and be a source  of personal experience.